Garbage and Refuse


(1) Dumpsters located within property zoned RR, R1, and R2 are prohibited except for construction/demolition pursuant to a valid building permit. If dumpsters are approved for construction purposes, the dumpsters must be located on private property or may be located on public right-a-way with the approval of the Board of Trustees for the Village of New Milford.
(2) Dumpsters are permitted in zoning districts other than RR, R1, or R2, provided such dumpsters are enclosed by a fence of sufficient size to obscure any view of said dumpster.
(3) Dumpsters permitted in any zoning district for construction/demolition purposes are not required to be enclosed by a fence. Said dumpsters are only permitted pursuant to a valid building permit and must be removed when the building permit expires.
(4) Dumpsters that are overflowing or have garbage exposed so that debris is blown from the dumpsters are deemed to be a nuisance.

(1) REGULATIONS. It shall be unlawful for any person to allow garbage or debris to be located upon his property. Any violation of this Section shall be deemed a public nuisance.
(2) DEFINITIONS. For the purpose of this Article, the following definitions shall apply:
A. GARBAGE: Garbage shall be defined as offal, refuse, animal or vegetable matter, or trash.
B. DEBRIS: Debris shall be defined as materials that are placed outside in a haphazard manner, which may create rodent and pest harborage or items which are not intended or customarily stored outdoors and which, if left exposed and unprotected from the elements, have, or potentially will, deteriorate by reason of vandalism, moisture, and exposure. Such materials can include rubbish and items which might otherwise be considered usable such as furniture, appliances, boards, cardboard boxes of items, clothing, dishes, machinery, and so forth.
C. TRASH: Trash shall be defined as worn out, broken up, or worthless things; and refuse.
D. RUBBISH: Rubbish shall be defined as a waste or rejected matter.
(3) PENALTY. Any person, persons, corporations, firms, or organizations which shall violate any provision of this Article shall be fined not less than fifty dollars ($50.00) nor more than two hundred dollars ($200.00) plus the cost of court. Each day any violation of this Section shall continue shall constitute a separate offense.


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