About New Milford, Illinois

Located in the southern portion of the Rockford metro area in Winnebago County, New Milford, Illinois, is home to nearly 700 residents. It is located directly east of the Rockford Chicago International Airport.

Illinois Route 251, a north-south state road known as 11th Street, runs through a portion of the village. This stretch of Illinois Route 251 was once a portion of U.S. Route 51 before the construction of Interstate 39.

On Illinois Route 251 lies a strip mall that features several local businesses, including a deli, a bar, a gym, an insurance company, and a dog groomer. Just north of the strip mall is the New Milford Motel, Rockford Liquidation Warehouse, and the only gas station.

New Milford is home to Atwood Park and the Atwood Center, part of the Rockford Park District.


The earliest documented settlement in the area now known as New Milford, Illinois, was established in 1835 along the Kishwaukee River. By the late 1830s, as many as thirty-five frames were built within the settlement, which led to the area being referred to as “Rib Town.” While the origin of the name New Milford is not available, it is assumed that the name came from settlers who originated from other towns called New Milford, such as those located in Connecticut and New York.

The area was once home to Native American tribes such as the Winnebago, Fox, and Pottawatomie. In 1959, a Native American burial mound was found on the property of the New Milford Church. This was not the first archeological find in the area; in 1949, the tooth of a mastodon was found near the Kishwaukee River.

The township was consolidated into Rockford Township on May 1, 1916. At this time, the New Milford Township no longer existed as a political entity. However, in 1958, the residents voted overwhelmingly against incorporation.

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